The Next Chapters

The Next Chapter(s)…

As several of my peers have found, the job market isn’t all that fun. The automated AI that sorts resumes is cruel to job applicants. Since July, I have probably sent 100 resumes and got called for two or three interviews. In two of those cases, I made it to be a finalist. Both applications had specific qualifying questions, which my answers helped to break through the clutter. Ultimately, another candidate was selected.

On the other hand, there was no shortage of rejection letters. Some I got within minutes of submitting the resume. However depressing and demoralizing that was, life moves on, and there are bills to pay and mouths to feed. So, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be moving forward again with my own business and a couple of other ventures.

It was January 15, 2013, when I launched Crundwell Digital Marketing. I successfully built that business before returning to Mansfield to work at St. Peter’s. I never gave it up and picked up projects when I had time. It was an excellent way to keep my skills fresh. I started the new year with a new website project for a client in Michigan and hope to launch it by the month’s end.

Most of my clients have come through referrals, so if you know someone who needs their website updated, give them my information.

In addition to working at Crundwell Digital, I will work part-time as the new business manager for Ontario Youth Sports. Last year, OYS partnered with the City of Ontario to manage all the community events in the parks. OYS is also sponsors the annual Ontario 4th of July Festival. In addition to paying bills and ensuring everything is running smoothly, I’ll also use my fundraising skills to help find new sponsors for the organization.

Finally, as a part-time associate, I am excited to continue working with the Institute for School and Parish Development. Everything I learned about Catholic school advancement I learned from ISPD and Frank Donaldson. ISPD is a national development consulting, coaching, and educational firm that works exclusively with Catholic schools. I’ve been very fortunate to make a few road trips with ISPD; if the Holy Spirit permits, this role will continue growing. It is a refreshing joy to see plenty of communities actively growing their Catholic schools and parishes.

I’ve heard from many St. Peter’s people that we miss seeing me and the family at church these past few months. I’m humbled that I’ve been missed, but I needed a spiritual break from my home parish and former employer. We have been going to Bethlehem Sacred Heart these past few months. I have found Fr. Jeff Smith’s homilies relevant, and the music is quite contemporary for a church in the middle of the country. As a history buff, I love that Sacred Heart is the mother parish of the county, predating St. Peter’s by several years. We’ve also explored many other parishes in the region.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for me and my family over the past few months. Please don’t stop, cause we still need them. I’ve only found about ½ the revenue needed to replace my previous full-time income. It’s a bit harder when you have to go out and get it yourself. However, those who know me know I don’t go halfway. It is never easy, but I am motivated not to give up.

Here’s to a better 2024!

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